Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What's In It For Me?

Dear Career Professional,

I recently launched BizPorts and shared my concept with my neighbor whom is a top recruiter in Atlanta. His name is Rick. Below is actually what I spelled out for him recently. After the BING! went off in his head --- he is BIG TIME excited!

"Ricky, part of BizBlogs is BizPorts, which are Personal Portfolios for those interesting in better employment or seeking employment. Portfolios differ from your basic cover letter & resume --- they are your BIG PICTURE presentation vehicles, which include your cover letters, a profile, a variety of resumes, actual imaged online recommendation letters, FAQs, peer endorsements, and up to date posts of what you are thinking & doing.

I have the very first one,, and a recruiter I once contacted thought it was the best thing since sliced bread because she didn't have to fax or attach anything to the client... all she had to do was email the LINK of my portfolio to the client with a nice, uncluttered blurb about the candidate, which saved her a boat-load of time. Plus, instead of just the same-ole,same-ole, it was a presentation which would hopefully catch the eye of the client and help close the deal! Now a days, clients use more than one placement provider... it is very competitive out there!."

GET IN FRONT OF THE HEARD and get your BIZPORT today... and be a RECRUITER's friend!